• ¡Gira por España en octubre y noviembre!

    Los pesos pesados del punk-rock australiano @themeanies , anuncian gira española para presentar su último disco “Desperate Measures” @folc_records

    J27 MADRID @funhousemusicbar
    D30 BENIDORM @funtasticdraculacarnival

    V4 SAN SEBASTIÁN + DISCIPULOS DE DIONISOS & @loschicosrnr @dabadabass
    S5 VITORIA + @officialdaddylonglegs @helldorado_club_sonico
    D6 LOGROÑO @stereo_rocknroll_bar
    X9 A CORUÑA @sala_mardi_gras_a_coruna
    J10 VALLADOLID @salaportacaeli
    V11 GIJÓN @tizon_sound

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  • Foo Fighters show!

    Friday was a bit of a big day for The Meanies. 30 Years after playing with Nirvana early 1992, The Meanies opened for Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters in Geelong, for the first stadium show in Australia after two years of lockdowns.

    In 1992 Nirvana was booked as a support band, to play with Tumbleweed and The Meanies. We all know what happened in the few months leading up to them coming to Australia. The lucky bastards who had tickets were suddenly seeing the biggest band in the world.

    It was so amazing to have live music back on such a big scale. The atmosphere was electric. The audience went off during the Foo Fighters set, even though it rained most of the night, and they were soaked to the bone. Musicians and the many hundreds of crew behind the scenes, were so happy to get back to what they love doing. Smiling faces all around.

    Meeting Dave Grohl and Pat Smear was the icing on the cake! Ace human beings!

    Frontier Touring and Always Live Victoria pulled this off in about 3 weeks, after Dave Grohl saw Australia was finally opening up! The Foo Fighters are back in Australia in November. Tickets are going on sale this week.

    The Meanies are finally touring their latest album Desperate Measures with shows in QLD, NSW, ACT, SA and VIC. More info here:

    Photos by Mirjam Adelaar

  • Lots of gigs added

    A heap of dates have been added, not least the show supporting Foo Fighters! Check the gigs page for details and links to purchase tickets.

  • Rescheduled shows

    Many of our shows in SA, VIC, QLD, ACT and NSW have new dates. Check the Gigs page for details. If you had tickets for the original dates they will still be valid for the new ones.

  • Some shows to be postponed

    Upcoming shows in Melbourne, Adelaide, Wollongong, Sydney, Narrabeen, Newcastle and Canberra have to be postponed due to COVID. Details will follow soon, with the shows hopefully to be held in October/November. Current ticket holders can use those tickets, with refunds available to those who can no longer attend.

    Geelong, Ballarat and Macedon shows still still go ahead as planned at this stage.

    If you’d like to check out our winter merch range in the meantime, head to Artist First.

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