Melbourne gig on September 28

The Meanies have nothing to announce, it’s not a milestone year, there’s no birthday to celebrate or new release on the immediate horizon, they’re just doing a gig because you deserve it. You’ve waited patiently since December last year for a Meanies show and now they’re doing one, just for you, just the hell of it, just cos they can!

But they’re not doing it alone, oh no, The Meanies always enlist the best possible help to make sure you lot have a cracking good time and on this occasion it’s the creme-de-la-creme of local talent.

Brat Farrar, fresh from their Euro tour where France especially got the best of them.

The Maggie Pills have an international flavour that hits everyone’s sweet and savoury spots all at once.

Billiam & the Split Bills are just spectacular, there are no two ways about it and that Billiam chap has to be the most prolific songwriter since, well, Link Meanie!

There you have it folks, gig of the freakin’ year.

Now I better tell you where and when, that’d help…. Thursday 28th September at the Evelyn Hotel, Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

Tickets on sale now, get ‘em while they’re hot.

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